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What is Cinerazzi?

Cinerazzi is a new subscription-free, pay-per-view service developed by AMG that is similar in concept to FandangoNOW, but for independent films and television shows. We have leveraged our years of experience and expertise in monetizing and distributing content to streaming platforms – especially Roku – to develop what we believe is the best thing to happen to indie films since streaming became a “thing.”

Cinerazzi officially launches March 5th, 2021, exclusively on the Roku platform. Why Roku? Because Roku has the best billing system and the largest captive audience of any of the streaming “OTT” platforms on the market. By captive, we mean most Roku users already have a credit card on file which makes impulsively purchasing a film effortless – your film is literally one-click away. Most importantly however, comes our years of experience in scaling Roku channels. Our team has developed and launched some of the most successful channels on the Roku platform including channels for many major brands, studios and celebrities. All of this combined makes Roku the perfect home for Cinerazzi and creates the perfect opportunity for you to market your film to largest audience possible with the least amount of effort and cost on your part.

Submit Your Film:

Filmmakers interested in submitting a film or TV series, please use the form below. There is NO FEE to submit your film. If we’re interested in adding it to the Cinerazzi catalog, we will usually respond within 1 to 3 days. No phone calls please.